University of Wisconsin–Madison Smoke-Free Policy

(Effective September 2, 1995)

The compelling scientific findings, as summarized by the United States Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency, indicate that the simple separation of buildings into “smoking” and “non-smoking” sections does not eliminate the unequivocal health risks that result from Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS).These health concerns mandate that the right of a non-smoker to breathe air free of environmental tobacco smoke takes the precedence over the right of a smoker to smoke. In light of the clear health hazards associated with tobacco smoke for smokers and non-smokers alike, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has adopted a Smoke-Free Policy effective April 8, 1991. Based on input from the campus community and experience with the original policy, the UW–Madison Smoke-Free Policy was reviewed and amended in 1995 to the following:

  1. Effective July 1, 1995, all buildings and vehicles, regardless of location, which are owned or leased by the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will be entirely Smoke-Free. Except as noted below, the Smoke-Free policy will apply to all indoor air space, including individual faculty and administrative offices.
  2. Smoking will not be permitted near exits and entrances of buildings, except at a reasonable distance (25 feet or more) or unless otherwise designated.
  3. All indoor air space of University-owned and leased athletic facilities will be Smoke-Free.
  4. Memorial Union will be entirely Smoke-Free. Union South will be Smoke-Free with the exception of designated hotel rooms.
  5. University residence halls will be entirely Smoke-Free.
  6. University Hospital and Clinics will be entirely Smoke-Free.

The office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (Room 100 Bascom Hall, Telephone: 262-9943) has also been designated as a clearinghouse for complaints and other smoking policy matters.

Office of the Chancellor
June, 1995
Revised 4/16/03

For more information contact the Employee Assistance Office at 263-2987.