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Ideas for the Holidays


For many people holidays have become dreaded days instead of festive occasions. For others, while the idea of parties and gift giving is wonderful and exciting, the actual experience is stressful and a great disappointment. If either of these feelings applies to you, perhaps you can try to celebrate the holidays in a different way this year.

For starters, take a few minutes to sit down and jot a list of the kind of things you have trouble with around the holidays. Be honest and give it some careful thought; discussing it with your friends or co-workers at break time may help you uncover factors causing you unhappiness that you never realized before. Then consider the following ideas as clues toward making the holidays more enjoyable.

Things to try

Make no mistake about it, the holidays are stressful for many; but, by taking time now to plan ways around personal struggles the holidays can go a whole lot better. Give it a try!