University of Wisconsin–Madison Smoke-Free Policy

The compelling scientific findings, as summarized by the United States Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency, indicate that the simple separation of buildings into “smoking” and “non-smoking” sections does not eliminate the unequivocal health risks that result from Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS).These health concerns mandate that the right of a non-smoker to breathe air free of environmental tobacco smoke takes the precedence over the right of a smoker to smoke. In light of the clear health hazards associated with tobacco smoke for smokers and non-smokers alike, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has adopted a Smoke-Free Policy effective April 8, 1991. Based on input from the campus community and experience with the original policy, the UW–Madison Smoke-Free Policy was reviewed and amended in 1995 to the following:

  1. Effective July 1, 1995, all buildings and vehicles, regardless of location, which are owned or leased by the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will be entirely Smoke-Free. Except as noted below, the Smoke-Free policy will apply to all indoor air space, including individual faculty and administrative offices.
  2. Smoking will not be permitted near exits and entrances of buildings, except at a reasonable distance (25 feet or more) or unless otherwise designated.
  3. All indoor air space of University-owned and leased athletic facilities will be Smoke-Free.
  4. Memorial Union will be entirely Smoke-Free. Union South will be Smoke-Free with the exception of designated hotel rooms.
  5. University residence halls will be entirely Smoke-Free.
  6. University Hospital and Clinics will be entirely Smoke-Free.

The office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (Room 100 Bascom Hall, Telephone: 262-9943) has also been designated as a clearinghouse for complaints and other smoking policy matters.

Office of the Chancellor
June, 1995
Revised 4/16/03

For more information contact the Employee Assistance Office at 263-2987.