University of Wisconsin–Madison Policy on Violence in the Workplace

  1. Statement of Purpose

    The University of Wisconsin–Madison is concerned about the potential for acts or threats of violence that affect the workplace and has therefore adopted the following guidelines and procedures.
  2. Scope

    The University of Wisconsin–Madison views aggressive and/or violent behavior as disruptive and contrary to the development and maintenance of a safe, productive, and supportive work environment. Such behavior is actively discouraged. Employees who exhibit such behavior will be held accountable under University policy and rules, as well as local, state and federal law.
  3. Guidelines

    All threats and acts of aggressive or violent behavior should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Such threats or acts include, but are not limited to:
    • harming or threatening to harm any member or guest of the University.
    • damaging or threatening to damage University property or the property of any member or guest of the University.
    • possessing a dangerous weapon or incendiary devise on University property without prior authorization.
    • engaging in stalking behavior of any member or guest of the University. (Stalking is defined in Wisconsin Statutory Law).
  4. Procedures

    Acts of violence or threats of imminent violence require an immediate response — dial 911. In the event of other threats, supervisors should be informed so they may investigate the situation and when necessary dial 911 or contact the Employee Assistance Office (263-2987 or TDD/TTY 265-8460).
  5. Responsibility

    It is the responsibility of Deans, Department Chairs and Directors to follow this procedure and inform their managers, supervisors and employees of the established procedures. It will be the responsibility of the University Police to develop procedures for 911 operations. Questions should be directed to the University Policy or the Employee Assistance Office.

Office of the Chancellor

For more information contact the Employee Assistance Office, 263-2987.
File last updated: February 10, 2011