Avoiding Negative Stress

Stress is an essential part of everyone’s life. It can be perceived as being both positive or negative. For the purpose of this article we’ll be referencing what we call negative stress; that stress which does not add anything positive and which most of us would gladly do without.

Suggestions for reducing negative stress

The following suggestions, if followed, are guaranteed to reduce the negative stress in your life:

  1. Get up fifteen minutes earlier. Morning mishaps are less stressful, and also less likely, when you have time to spare.
  2. Prepare for morning the night before. Set the breakfast table, get the coffeepot ready to plug in, make lunches for those who take them. Check to see if any the clothes you plan to wear need pressing or mending.
  3. Never wear ill-fitting clothes. If shoes pinch, panty hose creep down or a waistband binds, even a stroll to the mailbox can be stressful.
  4. Don’t rely on your memory. Write down addresses, directions and phone numbers and take them with you to unfamiliar places. Leave notes on your mirror, refrigerator or car door to remind you of important dates and errands.
  5. Practice preventive maintenance. You’ll have fewer breakdowns of automobiles, heaters, air conditioners, washers and other machines you depend on if they are cleaned and serviced regularly.
  6. Make duplicates of all keys. Exchange house keys with a trusted neighbor, hide car keys in your garage, keep extras for luggage, storage closets, etc. in a safe, convenient place. Don’t forget to label them!
  7. Say “no” more often. It’s amazing how much stress can be eliminated by giving up unrewarding activities, refusing inappropriate requests, and turning down invitations from people you don’t enjoy.
  8. Walk every where you can. Exercise has a soothing effect as does being outdoors.
  9. Don’t put up with anything that doesn’t work properly. No one needs aggravations such as key rings that lose keys, clocks that lose time, or speakers with too much static.
  10. Anticipate your needs. Make sure you have coins available for vending machines or tolls, a supply of various batteries, extra panty hose without runs, and pens and pencils that still write. Fill the gas tank before its empty.